Tap into your own intuition to reclaim your power - no matter what's going on in the world around you.

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Have you ever felt like you JUST KNEW something and couldn't explain howww you knew?

People would call it a coincidence...

But, you KNEW with your whole heart that it wasn't "just a coincidence"

Or, even worse were the times that I clearly heard my intuition communicating with me and I did absolutely nothing about it!
I would watch things unfold and internally wished I had spoken up or taken action when I first got the nudge.
I would talk myself out of what I saw or felt and would convince myself that i was just being crazy.
I felt weird telling people, "I have a bad feeling about it." Sometimes I just knew someones energy was off, but I wasn't trying to ruin the fun and felt bad judging someone I didn't even know.
I have done this to myself wayyy to many times...
...and not listening to yourself feels terrible! Every single time my intuition spoke to me and I pushed it aside- I ALWAYS regretted it.
The worst part is, some of those times really mattered!
They involved loved ones being hurt, someone taking advantage of me or just being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.
It made me wonder how things could have gone differently if I had truly honored my intuition the very moment it spoke to me.
I understand now that we learn from our mistakes, but trusting my intuition was one that took a bit longer to grasp and left me re-learning the SAME MISTAKE over and over again. Ugh.
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Thankfully my inner guidance system was LOUD...

(It always does..!)
The more I worked on opening my third eye, the more I discovered hidden answers that reside within all of us.
Each one of us has psychic abilities, truly.
I began to realize that the answers I wanted regarding my life weren't going to come from someone else. No outside force would know which way to point me. I found that there were very specific tools that took me on an inward journey where I began to receive the hidden truth to everything I was asking for. 
My mission is to teach others the tools to master their third eye, so that they begin to look outside of themselves for answers less and less.
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Looking back throughout my life there were MANY times when I would receive guidance, a strange feeling, a inner voice speaking up. I wished I would have learned to listen to those messages sooner. 
I started living my life based on the information I heard, rather than listening to my heart and taking each day one step at a time.
I was living in a reality where I needed to know the future outcome ahead of time in order to try and maintain some kind of control on life. 
It felt chaotic and stressful. 
The more I began to trust the feelings and visions I was receiving the stronger my third eye became.
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Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you fully trusted your own intuition and rarely needed to ask for advice from others?

How would it feel to know exactly what you want out of life and the exact right path to guide you there? How would it feel to trust your choices and cut the repeat lessons in relationships, career and life path down by half? What about all the way? 
That's why I'm excited to offer you...

Master Your Third Eye

This seven part online course will teach you how you personally receive intuitive guidance and inspire you to trust the voice within. 

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Here's What's Included In Your Magical Offer...

The Master Your Third Eye Course

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1. Get To know the in's and out's of the 3rd eye, safety and more!

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2. Dream journaling and lucid dreaming.

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3. How you receive guidance. The difference between clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and claircognizant. 

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4. Kundalini and the 3rd eye. Understanding ancient kriyas.

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5. Psychometry and using your 3rd eye to gain awareness.

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6. Distance healing and sending psychic energy.

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7. Scrying and Trataka

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Master Your Third Eye Toolkit

Your chakra cheat sheet covers the 6th chakra and sound, how to recognize when it is in or out of balance, location, function and more!
Your third eye toolkit includes BONUS ways to increase intuition such as oils, crystals, candles and more. 
These tools are great add on's during your meditations or modules and can be used to increase energy, protect or ground. 
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Master Your Third Eye Yoga And Kundalini Classes

There are ancient movement methods that can help move blockages and stuck energy that could be stopping you from receiving the messages you've been seeking answers to. 

Yoga and kundalini raises your vibration and creates space for the human body to connect with the divine. These classes create space for the old to move out and magic to move in.
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Master Your Third Eye Shadow Work Journal Book

The mind can have both light and dark thoughts. This is simply what it means to be human. Shadow work means to bring forward the parts about ourselves that we would rather not look at and create a space of love. 
This journal book was created specifically with the third eye in mind. It will help you learn to trust and believe. Truly that is what life is all about and when these things become second nature you become an unstoppable force- one with nature and the universe. 
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Master Your Third Eye Meditation Course


Learn to calm your mind to receive CLEAR information from higher planes of existence. 

These meditations allow you the ability to see/hear/feel and know what is meant for you with such clarity, you will move forward in life with a new level of awareness about what is truly meant for you.
It's time to tap in and create the freedom you've been seeking!
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Step into the magic you've been looking for...


These are tools that truly opened my eyes (all three of them, lol) to the magic that exists all around us. They helped me realize I wasn't blocked and most important that I was never alone in this crazy journey we call life. 
If you are like me and creating change is of the utmost importance to you, don't hesitate. Expansion is something to embark on NOW, not tomorrow or a year from now. It truly is OUR time to be the very best version of ourselves so that we move through life and our time here with Mother Earth in a way that reflects the beautiful soul inside.
Remember, you are magic and the world needs more magical souls to be a part of it.
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Here's A Recap Of...


  • When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!
  • Third Eye Course ($333)
  • Third Eye Tool Kit ($99)
  • Third Eye Yoga 7 Kundalini ($99)
  • Third Eye Meditation Course ($39)
  • Third Eye Shadow Work Journal Book ($29)
  • BONUS - Sex Magic And The Third Eye ($150)
  • BONUS - Breath Work Bundle ($29)


Total Value: $778

But today, you're getting all of this...

For Only $37

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